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We are always looking for clinicians who would like to combine their love for people and strong work ethics with potentials to advance your career.


Nurse-Call Healthcare Staffing PLLC believe know patient or resident should go without prompt care because of lack of nurse staffing.  Become partners with Nurse-Call Healthcare Staffing LLC and we will help grow your business.  Nurse-Call Healthcare Staffing PLLC will help resolve your staffing issues.  We provide quality service.  Our RN's, LPN's/LVN'S, and CNA's are highly dependable, organize, caring, and very experienced.  When better care is one call or click away.  Contact Nurse-Call Healthcare Staffing PLLC.


Nurse - Call Healthcare Staffing PLLC was founded by Caprice Prince- Smith. After being employed in healthcare for 22 years. Her passion for providing tender loving prompt care for her residents/patients lead to being the solution to your nurse staffing issues. Caprice Prince-Smith feel her mission is not complete unless NCH Staffing PLLC can help resolve your nurse staffing issues. Become a partner with Nurse - Call Healthcare Staffing PLLC today.

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